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What is Safe365 and How Can it help my Business’ Health and Safety?

Safe365 management reporting screenClients often ask us at Sureteam to help them ensure that all areas of their health and safety are up to scratch and compliant. In order to assess this, we carry out an audit and check all the processes and procedures are in place to make sure that appropriate risk management is taking place and hazards are minimised.

Our ultimate aim as consultants is to help the business embed a culture of safety across the organisation, so that everyone is aware of how they play their part in assessing risks and mitigating them.

For larger organisations we use Safe365, a cost-effective and easy to use digital health and safety management tool. It enables H&S teams to manage health and safety across the organisation producing clear visual graphs and reports on how mature each area of the business is.

Sureteam is one of just a handful of health and safety consultancies in the UK that are a Safe365 Premium Partner, fully trained to set up and use Safe365 alongside or on behalf of our clients. Read on to find out how it could help your business.

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Health and Safety Risk Assessment for Football Clubs

football in front of goalOn any given weekend you will now find many thousands of local grass root football clubs up and down the country, training and competing in matches. These will be for both men and women, boys and girls and for veterans.

But as numbers of players increase, there is also an increasing need for health and safety issues to be considered and for volunteers and committees to be aware of what they should be doing to keep players and spectators safe.

In this blog, we’ll look at the many different things to consider for those volunteers that are needing to carry out a risk assessment for a football game whether it’s played on a wet November Sunday or an exceedingly hot day in June.

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PPE Regulations to Change From 6th April 2022

Personal Protective Equipement - boots, mask, glasses, helmet, gloves, ear defenders, high vis jacketThe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work regulations are changing. As of 6th April 2022, the Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (PPER 2022) will come in to force. This is an amendment to the 1992 Regulations. They stipulate that the duties of both the employer and employees regarding PPE will be extended to include limb (b) workers.

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Sureteam and The Goods Shed Arts Centre Support each other through COVID

The Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre LogoHealth and safety training plays a large part in how Sureteam supports clients so they can ensure a safety culture is created from within. For many industries, it’s also a legal requirement. A lot of Sureteam’s courses have been able to smoothly transition online during the COVID pandemic thanks to services like Zoom, but some training such as Emergency First Aid is simply not possible virtually. That’s where The Goods Shed Arts Centre was able to help out.

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Key Stages in Completing Risk Assessments

After working with a wide range of sectors in all shapes and sizes over the last 20 years, we still find that many businesses aren’t confident with the term “Risk Assessment”.

If you have a little panic at the thought of completing a risk assessment or you’re not clear on exactly what to do, we’ve created this infographic to explain the 5 clear steps involved in completing a risk assessment.

What is a risk assessment? How do you complete one? What are the steps involved in completing one correctly?  All valid questions being asked by businesses at this time.

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