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Fire Safety Training to Protect
your Employees in the Event of a Fire

Fire Safety Training

In the event of a fire in a building, it is imperative that at least one person, if not multiple people depending on the size of your business, are in charge of the fire evacuation procedures. These people will usually be given the title of fire manager, fire risk assessor or more commonly, a fire warden.

They will be the person / team that organises all fire-related protocols; establishing and outlining to others the fire exits, fire assembly points, taking control during a drill or real-life scenario, ensuring fire exits are clear at all times and much more.

Qualifications in Fire Safety

Our fire safety training courses are available at different levels and are designed to give the attendees the know-how not only on what to do should a fire occur, but how to ensure that risk assessments are undertaken, and any potential hazards are either minimised or taken care of.

For those working in larger buildings, a wider, general understanding of fire safety is a good requirement and so many companies use some of the courses to provide all employees with a basic understanding and not just those appointed as designated fire wardens.

We offer both classroom-based, trainer-led courses as well as cost effective, eLearning giving the flexibility on when and how delegates complete their training.

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