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Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

As a business owner responsible for a workplace, or the owner or manager of a building which employees or members of the public can access, you have a duty to ensure the risk of fire within the building is properly assessed and that the correct fire safety procedures are put in place and followed. A key part of that responsibility is ensuring that your people are properly trained in what to do in the event of a fire. Whether they are taking on a role such as Fire Marshal, responsible for the fire risk assessment process or simply a member of the team having suitable training is essential to not only their well-being but that of their colleagues.

Qualifications in Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety training courses are available at different levels and are designed to give the attendees the know-how not only on what to do should a fire occur, but how to ensure that Risk Assessments are undertaken, and any potential hazards are either minimised or taken care of. For those working in larger buildings, a wider, general understanding of Fire Safety is a good requirement and many companies use the courses to provide all employees with a basic understanding and not just those appointed as designated Fire Wardens. We offer trainer-led courses that can be delivered within a classroom or remotely online , as well as cost effective, E-Learning course giving the flexibility on when and how delegates complete their training.

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If the courses below don’t quite suit you or you would like something more tailored for your business, give us a call on 01666 503686 or fill out our contact form.

Trainer Led Courses

Our trainer led courses can be delivered face to face on site or at an alternative training venue or remotely via video conference tools such as Zoom or Teams.

Online Fire Safety Courses

Our E-learning Fire Safety course is part of our Healthy Working Program offering cost effective and flexible training.

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