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Practical, Pragmatic Advice for your Business no matter its size

Whether as a large organisation you have an in-house health and safety team but need some more specialist advice, or, as the owner of a smaller business you don’t feel confident that you are completely up to date with relevant legislation, we can help.

Our team of highly qualified health and safety consultants can provide both retained or ad hoc advice and support relevant to your specific business and the risks you face.  Whether a second opinion on a specific issue, an audit of your current procedures or accident investigation, we can provide a flexible solution and peace of mind.

We offer a free initial consultation so get in touch today to see how we can help you make sure you’ve got your Health and Safety covered.

Why get Health and Safety Advice and Support from us?

Practical Advice

No matter the size of your organisation our advice is always straightforward and practical in line with the nature of the risk involved whilst ensuring your compliance with relevant health and safety legislation.

Experienced Support

Our team of consultants are highly competent across a wide range of sectors and services, so you can be assured of their understanding of the risks, and the quality of the advice you receive.

Accredited Partner

As a business we hold ISO 9001 2015, are an IIRSM Partner, Joscar registered and are Cyber Essentials Accredited so you can be confident in the quality of the advice and service you receive.

Tailored Approach

We don’t offer a one size fits all service but tailor everything to your specific risks and needs. From a second opinion on a specific issue, to a full audit of your current procedures we work in the way that’s best for you.

Give us a call

Our team are on hand for any advice you need give us a call on 01666 503686 to discuss your health and safety needs. With Sureteam, you have got it covered.

Advice to Help you Manage Organisational Change Safely

Ensuring the safety of your employees and customers during normal business operations can generally be managed without issue once the correct policies and procedures are in place. 

It is typically during times of organisational change or market disruption such as during the COVID pandemic when issues can occur. A key part of the work we do with clients involves supporting them during times of change to ensure that any new risks are identified, and processes adapted to manage them successfully.

When Might Advice Be Needed?

In our experience the following situations typically require additional advice and support from one of our consultants.

Taking on new employees

We can ensure that all new staff are correctly trained; from general health and safety awareness as part of an induction program to role specific courses

New Products or Processes

We can provide assistance with the evaluation of potential risks and ensuring adequate control and management processes are put in place

Moving location

We can help you to assess the safety of your new working environment; from desk assessments to fire evacuation procedures or ensuring your landlord meets their obligations.

If your business is going through significant change and you want to ensure you manage it with the safety or your employees at the forefront, give our team a call on 01666 503686 to arrange an initial free consultation to see how we can help.

Moving Offices Case Study

All Things Web®, a digital marketing agency, had moved out of serviced offices into a new building. They subsequently now needed support around the legal responsibilities associated with taking on a dedicated office space and looked to Sureteam for support before, during and after the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we regularly provide additional support and training for in-house health and safety teams.  We understand that there can be times when more specialist advice or a second opinion is required or where additional training may be identified that the in-house team is not qualified to provide.

Yes, we offer health and safety audits to help you identify any gaps in procedures and can then support you with implementation consultancy and/or training as needed.

Whilst we would generally recommend having us onboard as your retained Health and Safety consultants, it very much depends on the nature of your business. We can work on a project basis if required and tailor our services to meet your needs.

More Resources

Seeking further advice and support, why not take a look at our Resources section with toolbox talks, HSE publications and useful links or read our latest blog post for advice from our team

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