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About Us – What You can Expect from Sureteam

Practical advice and support from highly qualified Health & Safety professionals

Sureteam is an experienced team of health and safety consultants based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire providing a comprehensive range of advice and training to businesses across the south west and wider UK.

The company exists to take the stress out of Health and Safety so that business owners can get on and do what they do well without worrying about the safety and health of themselves, their staff or their customers.

Proactive support to prevent health and safety failures

Health and safety companies are often brought in after the event to help a business deal with the impact of a specific issue or failure. Whilst our team are able to provide assistance in such circumstances we see our role as primarily a preventative one, working with businesses to help them understand the potential risks involved in their daily operation, educating their employees on safe working practices and generally empowering them to maintain a safe working environment.

Straightforward, practical solutions

No matter what size of organisation we work with our approach is always the same, giving straightforward and practical advice and solutions that are fit for purpose and the nature of the risk involved whilst ensuring full compliance with health and safety legislation. Health and Safety, when completed the Sureteam way, isn’t about preventing a business from undertaking its activities or tying its staff up with unnecessary and excessive reporting and paperwork.  It is much more straightforward; To get help and advice about any aspect of health and safety for your business simply get in touch with one of our consultants and let us do the rest.
We receive a very professional service from Sureteam and have the knowledge of knowing we can contact them and will receive excellent expert advice.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a company who always provide what they promise. Bob Aldous – Risk Manager, North London Hospice