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29 March 2017

6 Ways Health and Safety Can Benefit Your Business in Ways You May Not Have Realised

What is health and safety to you? Maybe just some boring but essential processes that you don’t want to think about; a waste of time and money; or just something you haven’t bothered to think about, people must have enough common sense to not fall off a ladder right? Well if you or someone you […]

05 January 2017

Best Ways to Suppress the January Blues and Beat Back to Work Stress

Except for the clever clogs who booked extra time off after Christmas and New Year by now everyone will be back to work and already worrying about all the work you have to catch up on after a nice Christmas break. We try to avoid it but many of us will be hit by the […]

About Us

Sureteam provides Health and Safety advice and training to a wide range of companies from one man bands to large corporates but our core aim is always the same - to enable you to get on with your business whilst keeping yourself, your workforce and those who you come into contact with, safe.

Forget being told that you can't do something because of Health and Safety, we say once you've assessed the risk and put systems in place to deal with it then "Yes, you can".

Sureteam in a word...

We asked our clients to describe the impact that Sureteam has had on their company - but in just a few words.  Interestingly "health and safety gone mad" wasn't amongst them.

View the video below to see what they came up with.

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