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Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Under the UK Health and Safety legislation, all organisations must undertake a Risk Assessment covering all significant hazards within the workplace.  Those with 5 or more members of staff are required by Law to ensure that the Risk Assessment process is documented (although we recommend it as good practice no matter the size of your organisation).

A ‘hazard’ can be defined as anything that could have the potential to cause harm including fire, trip hazards, air quality, dangerous chemical and substances and working at heights.

A full Health and Safety Risk Assessment is a systematic evaluation of the hazards within the workplace and how those hazards are likely to happen and so cause harm either to your employees or visitors to your premises.
All significant hazards should be:

1. Considered how they could harm you or people around you

2. Documented and more importantly, detailed how they are controlled.

3. Understood by all staff in particular what measures they need to take to control the risks.

Ensuring that these Risk Assessments are in place within your organisation will aid in managing risks and avoid any injury, damage or ill health for your employees, and other people that come into contact with your business.

Do you have adequate Risk Assessments for the hazards associated with your business? If you are not sure, then why not get in touch with one of our Health and Safety consultants for a no obligation chat.

COVID-19 Risk Assessments

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses across the UK and world operate, and from a Health and Safety perspective, every business is now having to look at how they change working practices to ensure the safety of their employees and mitigate the risk of this new threat.

To ensure the safety of everyone entering your premises, whether employees or members of the public, it’s imperative that existing Risk Assessments are updated to take into effect COVID-19 and reflect the changing work practices that are required to stop the transmission of the virus.

Not sure where to start? Our qualified Health and Safety consultants are on hand to provide support and advice with the completion of COVID-19 Risk Assessments.

We are currently providing a stand-alone service for a competitive fixed price to give added piece of mind that your business is putting the correct measures in place.  Get in touch on 01666 503688 to find out more.

What Constitutes a Risk at your Workplace?

Risks will vary between different organisations but some of the common hazards to consider are:

Slips and trips



Noise and vibrations

Working at a height





Lone working

Identifying the hazards present in your workplace is the first of 5 steps that should be undertaken when completing the Risk Assessment process.

Read our blog to understand the full process and the other 4 stages within the process.

How Sureteam can Help

Outsourcing your Risk Assessment process to a specialist and experienced team of Health and Safety consultants will not only ensure you are looking after your people and those they interact with, but will also save valuable time and worry by leaving it to the experts.

A fully qualified member of our team will visit your premises (ensuring all COVID guidelines are fully met), and working with your team create suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments by supporting their competencies with our own.

We also provide Risk Assessment Training to ensure that your team have the skills in-house to conduct these in line with best practice.

Give us a call on 01666 503686 for a no obligation chat with a member of our team to discuss your needs.

Give us a call

Our team are on hand for any advice you need give us a call on 01666 503686 to discuss your health and safety needs. With Sureteam, you have got it covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you employ more than 5 members of staff you are legally required to document your Risk Assessment findings, however we recommend it as good practice for all businesses regardless of their size to do so. 

In any event, all controls identified should be implemented, and all staff informed of what they need to do to minimise the risk.

Yes, if you already have Risk Assessments in place we can review these with you to make sure you have considered everything.  Many businesses find it useful to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at everything.

Get in touch with our team on 01666 503686 and we can give you a fixed price quote for reviewing them for you.

Yes, we can help pull together specific COVID-19 Risk Assessments to keep your employees and customers safe when you return to the workplace.  We are currently offering a cost effective, fixed price service to assist with this.  Get in touch on 01666 503685 to find out more.

If you are considering how to return to the workplace once it is safe to do so, you might find our Returning to the Workplace Guide a good place to start.

More Resources

Seeking further advice and support, why not take a look at our COVID-19 resources section with useful links and information or read our latest blog post for advice from our team

“As a business owner and Director, it is vitally important that we protect our people and our customers. The rigour and structure of our Health and Safety function gives us great confidence that we can operate in a safe manner. The advice and guidance from Sureteam means that we are proactive and have our staff trained to operate in a safe way.”

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