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What is Safe365 and How Can it help my Business’ Health and Safety?

Safe365 management reporting screenClients often ask us at Sureteam to help them ensure that all areas of their health and safety are up to scratch and compliant. In order to assess this, we carry out an audit and check all the processes and procedures are in place to make sure that appropriate risk management is taking place and hazards are minimised.

Our ultimate aim as consultants is to help the business embed a culture of safety across the organisation, so that everyone is aware of how they play their part in assessing risks and mitigating them.

For larger organisations we use Safe365, a cost-effective and easy to use digital health and safety management tool. It enables H&S teams to manage health and safety across the organisation producing clear visual graphs and reports on how mature each area of the business is.

Sureteam is one of just a handful of health and safety consultancies in the UK that are a Safe365 Premium Partner, fully trained to set up and use Safe365 alongside or on behalf of our clients. Read on to find out how it could help your business.

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What exactly is Safe365?

Safe365 is a digital system that helps businesses to really embed a culture of health and safety into the workplace. It enables an organisation to assess, manage and improve their health and safety operations.

This digital H&S tool looks at 84 different elements of health and safety, grouping them into 10 modules. Each element is graded on 6-levels of maturity, from no capability for an element through to being compliant with ISO:45001/ or best practice.

Can Safe365 Help our Business to Become ISO 45001:2018 Certified?

Many organisations are seeking to understand how mature their health and safety procedures are as outlined in the requirements of ISO 45001:2018. Obtaining this ISO certification shows customers and suppliers that the business is:

  • Looking to continually improve Occupational Health and Safety performance.
  • Compliant and fulfils their legal requirements.
  • Achieving their occupational health and safety requirements.

Going through the process and obtaining this ISO certification can be timely and costly, but Safe365 can be a steppingstone towards this.

Mark Schumm, Consultant at Sureteam says, “Often our clients want to continue maturing and developing their health and safety systems without seeking formal accreditation. Safe365 enables them to do just this. And if they want to go for accreditation down the line, Safe365 creates a helpful pathway of development to get them there.”

What are the 10 Modules that are Assessed in Safe365?

The 10 modules in Safe365 are the same as those that are part of ISO:45001:2018. They are:

  • Director Knowledge
  • Manager Knowledge
  • Worker/Contractor Knowledge
  • Health and Safety Management System
  • Audit and Verification
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Data Collection
  • Management Reporting
  • Worker Engagement
  • Culture and Behaviours

What are the Benefits of Safe365?

  • Easy to Use and Generate Visual Reports

A series of self-assessments help to create your initial Safety Index Score. The platform generates an overview of where your business stands in each of the 10 modules against the ISO and regulatory standards.

Your score is a snapshot quickly and easily revealing through colour how you score and the areas where you are weaker or stronger in maturity.

If reporting to senior management, the platform creates visual reports at the click of a button, which show clearly and easily the status of health and safety in each module and element as well as progress made.


Screenshot of Safe365 management report

  • Path for Improvement is Road mapped

Safe365 allows you to drill down through each module to each element and provides a roadmap of where and how you need to improve your health and safety. It even helps you to prioritise actions so you can focus your resources and tie them in efficiently to the most critical areas.

  • Straight Forward to Manage and Track Progress

The dashboard and app enables teams to have an overview of daily health and safety and wellbeing data as well as access to checklists and surveys.

  • Integrate Your Contractors

There is also the option to work with your suppliers in the platform and have visibility of health and safety across your supply chain, improving and ensuring alignment of processes.


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Sureteam – A Safe365 Premium Partner

As one of just a few consultancies licenced to use Safe365 in the UK, Sureteam helps businesses like yours take their health and safety management to the next level. We can set you up on the Safe365 digital platform and teach you to use it, or manage it for you, giving your regular progress updates freeing up senior managers to focus on their day-to-day duties.

If you are a business owner looking to embed a culture of health and safety and striving for continual improvement, Safe365 could be the tool for your company. To discuss the benefits of Safe365 for your organisation in more detail please contact us on 01666 503686 or fill out our contact form.

Sureteam has been providing a range of health and safety services to businesses for the past 25 years. These services include but are not limited to, consultancy, audits and a range of training courses.