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PPE Regulations to Change From 6th April 2022

Personal Protective Equipement - boots, mask, glasses, helmet, gloves, ear defenders, high vis jacketThe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work regulations are changing. As of 6th April 2022, the Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (PPER 2022) will come in to force. This is an amendment to the 1992 Regulations. They stipulate that the duties of both the employer and employees regarding PPE will be extended to include limb (b) workers.

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Sureteam Assist in Inspection Work with Swedish based Roxtec Services AB

cruise shipAn increase in Offshore and Marine activity post pandemic saw Sureteam once again assist Swedish based Roxtec Services AB with inspection work of passive fire and water integrity systems onboard a luxury Cruise liner currently under construction.  (Image to right is a stock image)

The task entails assisting Roxtec Services in inspecting and ensuring that the modular sealing systems used, comply with the type approval certification for each product and that they will maintain fire and watertight integrity required for such a vessel. The ship will be classed and approved as seaworthy when all penetrations on board are sealed to a satisfactory standard.

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Sureteam and The Goods Shed Arts Centre Support each other through COVID

The Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre LogoHealth and safety training plays a large part in how Sureteam supports clients so they can ensure a safety culture is created from within. For many industries, it’s also a legal requirement. A lot of Sureteam’s courses have been able to smoothly transition online during the COVID pandemic thanks to services like Zoom, but some training such as Emergency First Aid is simply not possible virtually. That’s where The Goods Shed Arts Centre was able to help out.

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Key Stages in Completing Risk Assessments

After working with a wide range of sectors in all shapes and sizes over the last 20 years, we still find that many businesses aren’t confident with the term “Risk Assessment”.

If you have a little panic at the thought of completing a risk assessment or you’re not clear on exactly what to do, we’ve created this infographic to explain the 5 clear steps involved in completing a risk assessment.

What is a risk assessment? How do you complete one? What are the steps involved in completing one correctly?  All valid questions being asked by businesses at this time.

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Workplace Health and Safety During Autumn and Winter

Broom sweeping up autumn leaves

The leaves on the trees have turned to beautiful oranges, reds and browns and the mornings now have a crispness about them. Autumn is in full swing and winter on its way and whilst this means lovely autumnal walks and the run up to Christmas it signals an increase in risks that employers need to assess and manage to keep their employees and the public safe.

So, we’ve pulled together a short checklist to highlight some of the additional areas to think about when looking at workplace health and safety during the autumn and winter months. Like with much of health and safety a lot of them are fairly obvious and common sense but can often be forgotten about at such a busy time of year:

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