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Key Stages in Completing Risk Assessments

Over the past few months as businesses of all sizes and within all sectors have dealt with the impact of COVID-19, risk assessments have become a hot topic.  Whether enabling businesses to continue to operate during lockdown or re-opening after a period of closure ensuring the risk assessment process is completed correctly is critical in protecting employees and the public from infection.

What is a risk assessment? How do you complete one? What are the steps involved in completing one correctly?  All valid questions being asked by businesses at this time.

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Homework , but not the school type

As businesses settle into the norm of home working, and with the likelihood of this continuing for several weeks if not months to come, David shares his thoughts on the impact of the new working world on the general health and well being of employees.

Those that are in the fortunate position to be able to work from home in these times of Coronavirus will undoubtedly agree that it has its charms, it has its benefits as well, and yet it  has an amount of issues connected to it that can potentially have a negative effect on ones health.

Cramped working conditions, particularly for those that live in small flats can pose  problems around how the work station can be set up. It can cause back and neck issues through poor working posture and despite good DSE Assessments it is not always possible to put into place the proper corrective measures that would normally be implemented.

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Face Fit Testing – Why is it Important During and Post Coronavirus

Face Fit Testing in CoronavirusDue to the highly transmittable nature of COVID-19 accurate Face Fit Testing has become more and more important, not only for industries that already make use of RPE (Respiratory Protection Equipment) on a regular basis, but for new sectors that are using it for the first time.

RPE already has an important day-to-day role in protecting employees from hazardous fumes and substances. The threat of coronavirus in the UK and around the globe has resulted in a surge in RPE requirements for many industries and sectors that would not have previously considered it’s use, or, more importantly know how to ensure that it is fitted correctly.

Our latest blog highlights the importance of Face Fit Testing during the coronavirus outbreak, how to use disposable respirators and the continued importance of Face Fit Testing post lockdown.

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Assessing the Risk of Legionella as Businesses Shut for Covid-19


As it has been said many times, we are in unprecedented times! The focus of all businesses at the present time is naturally ensuring that their employees, customers and suppliers are safe and minimising the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Everyone at this stage is aware of the virus, what it does, and what everyone needs to do to help slow its spread, but what about after it is all over? What will its effect have been when shops, restaurants, schools and sports centres reopen after a long period of dormancy.

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What Next for Your Employee Safety After You’ve Implemented Your Business Continuity Plans?

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As the impact of COVID-19 hits virtually every sector and business across the UK the effectiveness of Business Continuity Plans has been tested as never before. Whether it’s changing working practices to adopt social distancing, moving non-critical employees to remote working, identifying new markets or providing different products and services the scale and speed of these changes have left minimal time for reviewing some of the longer term health and safety implications for both the business and employees.

With the impact likely to be more months than weeks, once the dust settles and the immediate priorities are addressed, businesses will need to start focusing on the wider impact of these changes going forward and how they transition things once restrictions begin to be lifted and operations go back to something closer to normal.

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