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Sureteam and The Goods Shed Arts Centre Support each other through COVID

The Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre LogoHealth and safety training plays a large part in how Sureteam supports clients so they can ensure a safety culture is created from within. For many industries, it’s also a legal requirement. A lot of Sureteam’s courses have been able to smoothly transition online during the COVID pandemic thanks to services like Zoom, but some training such as Emergency First Aid is simply not possible virtually. That’s where The Goods Shed Arts Centre was able to help out.

The Goods Shed Arts Centre in Tetbury

Based in the town of Tetbury, The Goods Shed Arts Centre is a venue with a wide programme of events including live music, films, performances, talks, workshops and more. Like so many businesses they have been challenged by COVID.

After initially closing and furloughing all their staff in the first lockdown, they slowly re-opened and adjusted according to the restrictions and legislation. Their large hall normally able to accommodate 200 people had to be reduced to 60 to allow for social distancing measures which naturally impacted revenue.

Perfect Venue for Socially Distanced Training

However, it was because of the size of this hall and the need for social distancing measures that this space became an opportunity for Sureteam. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays to the public, The Goods Shed Arts Centre is able to hire out space to private groups on these days. For Sureteam’s First Aid courses this was perfect enabling the courses to be run in person, but with plenty of room for social distancing.

An additional bonus was that the venue already has an Air Handling Unit to keep visitors as safe as possible and limit the spread of the COVID virus. Large doors can also be opened allowing fresh air straight into the hall.

Training The Goods Shed Arts Centre Staff and Volunteers

Each time the First Aid course runs, Office Manager, Kathryn Limoi, will often send one or two of her staff or volunteers on the training.

“Many of the people who ‘work’ at The Goods Shed Arts Centre are actually volunteers but as a venue open to the public, we must have an appropriate number of people who are first aid trained at each event. Whilst the training is essential for our team here, I also see it as a useful life skill to have when you are out and about.”

Two Local Businesses Supporting Each Other

Peter Hodgson, Director of Sureteam couldn’t agree more and is pleased to be able to work with The Goods Shed Arts Centre in this way.

“The large hall at The Goods Shed Arts Centre is perfect for our First Aid training course enabling it to be as safe as possible for trainers and participants with plenty of space and capacity to comply with social distancing guidelines. Being able to hire and support a venue within Tetbury itself is a huge bonus and a real win-win scenario for two local businesses.”

Time to visit The Goods Shed Arts Centre?

So, if you’d like a night out or somewhere different to go for a coffee why not check out The Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre? Or if you’re local and into running, why not join us for the Tetbury Goods Shed Parkrun? It takes place weekly on a Saturday and the Whistle Stop Café is opened especially for parkrunners!

First Aid Training for Your Team

And of course, if you’re looking for some first aid training for your employees or volunteers – feel free to drop us a line or give us a call on 01666 503686 and we’ll let you know when our next course is running at The Goods Shed Arts Centre!