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Launch of New Healthy Working System to Provide Improved DSE Support

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The greater reliance on technology within businesses and move to more flexible working patterns means that the importance placed on assessing and addressing the risks to employees from prolonged use of Display Screen Equipment is increasing.

In recognition of this, Sureteam are pleased to announce the launch of the Healthy Working System through our partnership with Cardinus.  This online system will enable us to provide a tailored and more robust management tool to our clients to meet their obligations when it comes to DSE.

Healthy Working System

The online Healthy Working System will provide our clients direct access to the following:

  • E-learning modules for all employees about the risks associated with working with Display Screen Equipment and practical help on ways to mitigate the risks and be comfortable whilst working with their computer or other devices
  • Online DSE Assessment tools so that each employee can identify ways to improve their working habits or workstation layout

Our team will set up and manage the system on behalf of clients to provide additional support including:

  • Oversight and reporting of issues arising from the DSE Assessments including an audit trail of actions taken
  • Management of a robust and regular DSE Assessment program tailored to the needs of the organisation
  • Additional advice and guidance including Occupational Health Support should it be required

Our MD, Peter Hodgson, says of the launch, “We are pleased to be able to offer this additional service to our clients.  In light of the changes to working patterns we are finding that managing the risks around DSE is becoming a more important part of the support we provide to clients.

This system gives the business a tailored solution that empowers their employees to understand the risks, review their working practices and workstation layout and make practical changes to help them.  It also enables the business to manage the process in a more proactive and robust way.  The fact that it is all managed online means that no matter the size of the company or location of their employees they can complete important DSE Assessments across multiple locations easily and cost effectively.”

The new system will be offered to existing clients over the next few months and will also be available to new clients looking for Health and Safety support.

Further Information

To find out more about this system, DSE support or wider Health and Safety advice contact the team at 01666 503686.