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Display Screen

Display Screen Equipment

There are very few workers who will not use some form of display screen equipment in their job, and yet they have not had even a basic DSE assessment to ensure their workstation is set up correctly for the individual. Getting it right means an efficient worker; getting it wrong can lead to long lasting injuries.

In a DSE assessment you should consider

  • Any pre-existing conditions of the user
  • The screen and image
  • The keyboard
  • The mouse
  • The software used
  • Workstation¬†– desk, chair, drawers, type of equipment (tablet/PC/hand-held device)
  • Environment – temperature, noise, lighting
  • Eyesight tests for users

Sureteam can come to your premises and carry out a full DSE assessment and make recommendations together with being able to supply specialist equipment.

Need more help?

You may be confident that you have your wider health and safety covered but need some specific advice in a particular area, or perhaps you need a review of what you are doing by a qualified advisor to give you peace of mind that you are meeting your obligations?