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Looking After the Health & Wellbeing of Your Employees Whilst Working at Home

man working from homeAs many businesses move to remote working in line with Government advice, focus so far has primarily been around the practical logistics of accessing data and ensuring its security, changing the way that services are delivered, communication with clients and other team members.

Given the likely length of time that business will operate in this way it is also vitally important not to forget the short and longer term health and safety implications on employees who will already be dealing with significant pressures outside of work.

Whether it is their physical well-being or their emotional and mental health, as an employer you have a responsibility more than ever to provide support to them.

Over the coming weeks we’ll focus on a number of different issues and provide useful advice and practical support to help manage some of these issues.  In this post, we are looking at the physical impact that long term remote working can have and why now more than ever it is important to review your DSE (Display Screen Equipment) policies.

Working from Home – DSE Implications

Even though employees are now working from home, as an employer you still have a responsibility under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to protect them from the health risks associated with the prolonged use of display screen equipment.

These unprecedented times mean that employees may well be working from home for some weeks or even months. Unlike an occasional “snow day” it is important therefore that their new working environment is properly assessed and they are provided with help and guidance on how to minimise the impact of working away from their office environment.

The problem is how to conduct multiple DSE assessments for your employees spread across multiple locations whilst practicing social distancing?

At Sureteam, we can provide a cost effective and easy way to achieve this through our online DSE Assessment tool provided via our partnership with Cardinus.

Online DSE Assessments

Using the Cardinus Healthy Working platform not only provides e-learning for employees to help them set up their new working environment but some wider helpful  tips on how to ensure healthy working practices.

In addition, by going through the modules they are effectively completing an assessment of their new working arrangements providing an audit trail for their line managers to review and action where possible.

Once activated your employees can complete the training and assessment for their current arrangements.  They will also have the ability to re-visit it as and when they need should they wish to clarify things or when their working environment changes.  So for example when they return to the office the tool will continue to be available.

Straightforward, Easy to Activate, Remote DSE Assessments

Getting access to the system for your employees is easy and straightforward.  Simply contact our team at Sureteam and we can arrange everything for you all at a distance.

All we need to know is how many employees you have and their email addresses.  We can then set up the system for you and email invitations can be sent to your team no matter where they are working.

Need More Information and Advice?

If you would like to implement this system for your team or discuss wider implications on their health and safety in these difficult times, please contact us on 01666 503686 for a free consultation.