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What makes a positive day as an employee

On average we spend 1/3 of our lives at work, it follows then that if we have positive experiences at work it will go a long way to ensuring our overall physical and mental wellbeing.  We at Sureteam have put together a few pointers that may help you go some way to making your workday as pleasant as possible.  We know that all of this is not possible in all workplaces but we know that just a few changes can make the world of difference.

Start well:

  • Have a good night’s sleep, starting the day with a hangover will be detrimental to your day ahead!
  • Eat a breakfast that will provide you with enough slow release energy that will see you through until lunch
  • Ensure you have had adequate rest times between shifts, especially if you have changed onto a new shift pattern.
  • Leave for work in plenty of time, try to avoid a stressful start to the day

Working Environment

Your working environment is really important from both a Health and Safety point of view and for wellbeing.  Ensure you have the following; approach your employer if you feel that your needs could be met by adjustments to your place of work, the ideal would include:

  • Adequate Space, clean, tidy and free from clutter
  • Your workstation is set up to be safe and comfortable for you, this is especially important if you share a workstation.
  • Good light levels, both artificial and natural (natural light improves mood, as does being able to look outside)
  • Adequate Heating (Minimum 16 degrees C for sedentary work, Minimum 13oc for strenuous work.)
  • Safe environment; no tripping hazards, no loose ceiling tiles, not sitting in a draught.
  • Pot plants improve a working environment both aesthetically and physically
  • Good welfare facilities
  • Clean toilets
  • Changing rooms if required
  • Shower for workers who cycle/run to/from/during work
  • Refreshment making facilities
  • Break-out zone (away from desks)

Be comfortable.

Ensure that your work clothes/uniform, work shoes, PPE etc. are comfortable to wear and fit well.  Try to change position/tasks regularly.

Structure your Day.

It is recommended that you have a 5 min break for every hour of work.  Use this 5 minutes to take yourself physically away from your workstation, walk around, get some fresh air, exercise a little.  This will refresh you and set you up nicely for continuing your work.

Make a daily plan of the tasks you need to achieve, it is surprising how satisfying a ticked list can be!

At lunchtime, see if you can structure in a walk (or even a run!), it will break up the day and get the heart rate up.

Try to use the stairs rather than the lift whenever you can.  If you need to consult a colleague, try and visit them in person occasionally, rather than simply sending an email, this is better for you physically and socially.

Look after yourself.

Keep hydrated; drink plenty.  If you are a coffee and tea drinker, have water too.   Try and eat a healthy lunch with enough calories to see you through to tea-time, without the need of afternoon snacking.  Eat away from your workstation, have a proper break.

At the end of the day.

Allow enough time before you leave for home to tidy your workstation so that it is clear and ready to go when you come in next.  Doing some form of exercise at the end of the day will be beneficial especially if your work involves mostly sitting.

Do you need help with Occupational Health?

Is occupational health becoming an issue in your workplace? At Sureteam we offer a variety of services that tackle occupational health. Our occupational health nurses are able to manage and undertake health surveillance from offices right through to construction sites.

We also offer a stress test survey which allows your employees to anonymously fill out a survey which lets you see what the main issues are, and then we can work with you to tackle them.

Give us a call on 01666 503686 to speak to one of our experts on how we can help you.