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Meet the Newest Member of Sureteam

David BarkerFor those who haven’t already heard, a few months ago we recruited David Barker who moved all the way from Norway to became part of our team here at Sureteam. Over the past few months, Dave has been settling in and getting the lie of the land meeting clients, sneaking Milly lunch and more!

To introduce him to those who haven’t yet had the pleasure we thought we’d undertake a short interview so you can find out all you need to know.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you can bring to Health and Safety.

I worked in enforcement for a number of years before moving to Norway.  My experiences within the field of Health and Safety, and especially skills learned through working with the offshore industry, means I am able to view things in a little more outside of the box way. This will hopefully add a new dimension to how I work and what I can provide for the clients of Sureteam.


What were you doing before you joined Sureteam?

I lived in Norway and worked within the Norwegian oil and gas industry. I worked as a Modification Safety Engineer (called Technical Safety) and also as a Technical Authority for one of the worlds largest oil producers. Over the last couple of years, I worked within a really specialist part of Passive Fire Protection offshore, marine and also land based.


Health and Safety is such a huge subject. What part is your favourite to work on?

I love the stuff I can get my teeth into. Accident investigations and problem-solving is a great thing to work with. That said I also like presenting things to others and passing on my knowledge to them as well. Safety is everyone’s concern and the more who know about it the better.


What are your specialisms in the industry?

I have specialist competency in Machine Safety as well as within Fire Safety. I am able to calculate the amount of water and pressure supplied by a fire water system (so sprinklers and deluge systems) providing I have the information that I need. I am also able to remodel the systems in the same software to ensure they work effectively.

I also have in-depth competency within the field of Passive Fire Safety and, in particular, involving making penetrations in walls etc that need to be fire-proof.


What training and/or experience have you been through for this role?

I passed my NEBOSH diploma in the early 1990s and have learned on the job since then. I have been very fortunate to be involved with people who are both willing and able to pass their knowledge onto me.   In addition to that, I find the subject very interesting which means that I read up on things in my own time to increase my knowledge further.


Will we get to meet you?

Yes! I have already met a few clients and I look forward to meeting more over the coming months.


What’s the biggest change in legislation in health and safety during your time in the industry?

The biggest challenge with legislation is that in many instances it is written in a manner that is fantastic if you understand it. Sometimes it’s too “legal” and people sometimes just don’t understand what is required of them practically.  Wordy law is confusing to some and this sometimes makes people frustrated because they basically don’t understand what it is telling them to do.  They need solutions they can act to ensure they are compliant with the legislation and that is where a company like Sureteam add real value.


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I’m a very social person and like being around and meeting people.  I brew my own beer in the kitchen as well, as it means I can get what I want, and yes it’s even cheaper than the shops too.

I hold a 4th-degree black belt in Traditional Shotokan Karate. I’ve taught self-defence for years, but not since I moved back to the UK. I’d like to teach people this in spare time. But not the fancy stuff you see others teach. Just the no-nonsense approach that includes the psychology and self-awareness aspects which are in fact more important than the physical side of things.


How are you getting on with Milly?

Milly is lush, I love dogs and she’s really not any bother. It is nice to be greeted by her when you arrive when she’s here, but it is very tempting to slip her a bit of lunch when she looks at you with those eyes😊

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It’s wonderful to have Dave join the team and his obvious wealth of knowledge and experience is going to significantly benefit both existing and new clients.  For more information about the services we provide or how we can help with the Health and Safety management within your organisation give us a call on 01666 503686.