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Leaving Health and Safety to the Experts: Should I Outsource or Recruit?

Unsurprisingly, a conundrum a lot of business owner’s face today is whether to bite the bullet and hire a specialised employee or outsource the work to an external business in a variety of different sectors. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages which are worth taking the time to explore.

When it comes to health and safety, there are many options you should be considering. A common mistake is that outsourcing your work is a permanent plan. When actually we can act as a permanent solution or, just be there for you when you need an interim solution.

We wanted to explore with you the reasons why you should outsource your health and safety, or whether hiring in-house is a more suitable option.

Should I Recruit?

Does your business present day to day hazards that need regular checks? Have your accident frequency rates been increasing steadily? Although these questions may not be black and white indications that you need to recruit a health and safety specialist for your team, it’s a good way to start thinking about your options.

Reasons to recruit

  1. One person to cover multiple premises’

Sometimes a business may simply just outgrow an outsourced consultant and that’s okay. When you start to accumulate multiple premises with lots of new people, the best option for your business may be to bring all your health and safety to one internal person – an experienced health and safety manager.

  1. Deeper knowledge of the business

Some business owners prefer not to outsource because they favour keeping their services in-house. In depth knowledge of the business, it’s staff and its day to day risks could provide a better insight of how things should be done.

  1. Day to day cover

An on-site health and safety employee can be easily accessible and ready anytime they are needed. This is beneficial for more at risk businesses such as construction work or jobs involving heavy machinery.

Disadvantages could include lack of knowledge and outdated skill sets which could result in costly mistakes. Although all the correct qualifications may be completed, health and safety regulations, and management is always changing and it’s essential to keep up with these.

For an extra line of reassurance, we offer an advice line as well as an abundance of training courses to ensure you are receiving the best support.

Is Outsourcing the way to go?

Frequently, particularly for SME’s, it is simply not justifiable to hire one full-time employee just to cover a small amount of health and safety work. There wouldn’t be enough budget or work for the individual which is why outsourcing is the most appropriate route.

Reasons to Outsource

  1. Save time

Although health and safety is paramount to any and every organisation, whether that be on a shop floor or a building site, it can be seen as time-consuming and a bit of a grey area for business owners. As experts, we can advise you on exactly what you need and take care of it for you saving you time, money and energy.

  1. We’ve got you covered

Take peace in the fact that you know your health and safety is completely covered by professionals that are on top of the latest news and rules. Mistakes can be costly and can sometimes even result in criminal prosecution. For this reason, many companies choose to get their peace of mind through an advice line or full consultancy.

  1. Replacement Cover

Have you recently lost your employee that covers your internal health and safety?

This is the perfect time to think about whether you want to keep your health and safety management internal or move to an external supplier. You may identify that actually you are better off moving to an external consultant and save time and money on recruiting and training a new member of staff.

In addition to this, short term outsourcing can also ensure you are covered during the time you are recruiting, meaning you can trust that standards won’t slip in the meantime whilst you find a new health and safety manager.

  1. Save money

The cost of employing a qualified expert in the health and safety field is simply not a feasible option for many SME’s and its unlikely there will be enough work to occupy or justify the employment. By hiring an outsourced consultant, you are only paying for the time you need which works out a lot more budget friendly.

Health and safety between businesses will require bespoke consultancy with their unique cases and needs. Our outsourced consultancy and advice line offer different levels of support to suit you.

Speak to Us About Your Needs

Whether you choose to recruit or outsource your health and safety work, Sureteam are here to support you.

We can also act as your interim health and safety manager should you find yourself needing some cover to ensure your business don’t slip. Alternatively, we are also here to take all your worries away with a full outsourcing service.

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