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Sureteam Welcomes New Team Member Shona

New Team Member ShonaWe are pleased to announce that in June we took on a new member of the team, Shona. She has joined Sureteam as a Health and Safety Adviser, with years of experience in environmental health and food health and safety. Find out more about Shona below.

What You Need to Know About Shona

Before coming to Sureteam, Shona worked in local government, for 21 years, as an enforcement officer. Environmental health was a career path Shona had not envisaged and fell into by accident.  However, what she clearly portrays is how much she has truly loved all of her jobs, which was demonstrated right from the offset and why we know she will be an asset to our team.

As part of her previous role she engaged with a lot of small businesses and found that a really effective approach was to educate them rather than taking enforcement action and just putting hurdles in the way of businesses. This is why the move to Sureteam was the best change for her as her new role allows her to continue to give great advice, rather than enforce.

In addition to this being the ideal new role for Shona, she is such a great fit with the rest of the team and her ideas and values in regards to health and safety match with those here at Sureteam perfectly. Shona clearly identified to us that she felt like many people use health and safety as a barrier not to do things which as a result has led to some ridiculous representations in the media.

What is great is that Shona is here to help us break down those barriers and help people and businesses understand that health and safety should be about saving lives, not stopping them.

Shona’s Speciality – Food Health and Safety

As part of our team Shona’s speciality will be providing health and safety advice for businesses in the food industry. Food is her passion, and she has worked with local food businesses for the past 20 years. This involves having a lot of experience with farm manufacturers including milk and cheese producers.

What is fantastic is that Shona is proud of how she was able to watch many of her clients businesses develop and grow over the years and how her food safety and hygiene advice has been able to help them. One business she worked with started off in a converted cow shed and is now producing cheese for Harrods!

Outside of the Office

It’s not all about work though, outside of the office her other passion is running. She is currently completing a run streak which means she is running every day. As of the end of August she will have run every day for a whole year, very impressive we must say!

In her spare time Shona is a run leader, and leads a beginners group who are following the NHS couch to 5K programme. Shona is already seeing great success with her group that she actually set up with her previous employer and would urge other organisations to look into the programme as it can provide many mental and physical health benefits for employees.

What the MD has to Say about Shona

“Shona will add back a dimension that we have generally kept away from in the area of food safety and hygiene, but she also brings strength of character around quality and constructive advice relating to all areas of Health and Safety. She is already proving to be a friendly, approachable and proactive member of the team, looking forward to our continued success that I am sure Shona will be a major part of.” Peter Hodgson, Managing Director at Sureteam

A Great Addition to the Team

“Whether it be when I’m out with my beginners running group or on site with a new client for Sureteam, I gain great satisfaction from helping people along their journey, whether it be to achieving their running goals or helping them to grow a business where employees are both safe and valued.” – Shona

We look forward to introducing Shona to more Sureteam clients and are excited about what she can bring to our ever expanding team.

If you want to find out more about how Shona can help with food hygiene give the team a call today on 01666 503686