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Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment

As an employer you have a responsibility under The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to protect your employees from the health risks associated with prolonged use of display screen equipment – commonly referred to as DSE. This encompasses equipment such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The increased reliance on technology over the past decade within most businesses and the resulting move to more flexible working patterns means that its more important than ever that this element of employee health and well-being is managed effectively. At Sureteam we offer a comprehensive range of DSE support to businesses covering the provision of training for employees and line managers so that they understand the risks involved and how to mitigate them, the management of a robust and tailored DSE Assessment program to suit the needs of the organisation as well as occupational health support for employees should it be required. To find out more about how we could help your business call our team on 01666 503686.

DSE Assessments

The first stage in understanding the risks to your employees of using display screen equipment is the DSE assessment, something that many businesses will be familiar with.  Key areas for consideration within a DSE Assessment include:
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions of the employee
  • An assessment of the workstation involving desks, chairs, drawers, type of equipment (tablet/PC/hand-held device) and the working patterns of the individual – periods of working in front of the screen, ease of taking a break etc.
  • The screen and image – areas such as its position, the brightness and text size
  • The keyboard and mouse – areas such as their ease of use, angle and positions
  • The software used and the user’s knowledge of its operation
  • Environmental factors including temperature, noise, lighting
In addition to the above, with more flexible working arrangements becoming more common, it is important to understand fully how and where your employees are working so that any additional risks can be identified.  They may only be working at a fixed workstation for part of their week; working at home or remotely from cafes or public transport will all have different associated risks which need to be identified and assessed.

Frequency of DSE Assessments

In our experience many businesses complete a DSE Assessment as part of the induction of a new employee and then do not re-visit it unless an issue is raised by the individual. The changing nature of working environments and practices means that a more proactive approach needs to be taken.  In line with HSE Guidance there are a number of key events that should trigger a re-assessment such as changing desk or location, changes to working patterns or role or introduction of new equipment. At Sureteam we therefore recommend that a new DSE Assessment for every employee is undertaken at least every 2 years, or earlier if there are changes to their working environment. Ensuring this happens consistently takes management particularly with a large and changing workforce.

How can Sureteam Help?

Our team of experienced health and safety consultants provide full support to businesses and organisations of all sizes to meet their needs when it comes to protecting their employees from the risks associated with use of DSE equipment. Using the Cardinus Healthy Working system we can provide the following:
  • E-learning modules for all employees about the risks associated with working with DSE equipment and practical help on ways to mitigate the risks
  • Online DSE assessment for each employee to identify any areas that need to be addressed
  • Oversight and reporting of issues arising from the assessments giving an audit trail of actions
  • Management of a robust and regular DSE assessment program tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • Occupational Health support for an individual should it be required

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To find out more about how we could support your business with DSE Assessments or wider Health and Safety advice give our team a call on 01666 503686. No matter what your business, with Sureteam by your side you can be sure you’ve got your health and safety covered.