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Health and Safety New Year’s Resolutions you should try in 2017

Health and Safety New Year's ResolutionsWho can believe it, 2016 is nearly over! We don’t know where the year has gone; and what a great year it has been. Our team has continued to grow with the addition of our new team member, Shona, and we can’t wait to see what 2017 has to offer.

With the thought of the New Year and of course resolutions presently in mind, we thought why not come up with some of our own.

You may decide to try one of the obvious like save more money, lose weight, stop drinking etc. But let’s be honest how long do they actually last! Instead why not try doing a New Year’s resolution for your business and actually implement it as an official task so you can’t quit when you get bored.

Is your health and safety documentation up to date

The New Year is a great time to renew and review. So why not review all of your health and safety documentation.

A lot can change in one year and if you don’t have full time support from a health and safety consultant or recruit someone in house, then you may not realise when important documentation is out of date, or something isn’t applicable anymore.

Do a full review of all your documents, and risk assessments to ensure you are still compliant.

Focus on one particular concern

If you are making one of your business aims for 2017 to focus on your health and safety more, than that is great, but don’t jump into the deep end when you might not necessarily be able to swim competently enough.

It is easy to get ahead of yourself and go all guns blazing. But what is the best approach is to doing everything methodically. Focus on one area of concern at a time and achieve it to a high standard, instead of accepting something subpar because you tried to tackle too much at once.

Get your team trained up

Learn something new is a common resolution. So why not invest in health and safety training for your team. How do you expect to properly implement a good health and safety culture in the workplace if your employees haven’t been appropriately trained?

A couple of useful courses could be:

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace – giving your team all the appropriate general knowledge of workplace health and safety
  • First Aid Training – do you have a qualified first aider, and is that first aider up to date?
  • Fire Safety – does your business have fire wardens, and people who understand what to do in the case of a fire?

These are just a few courses that are particularly useful for any business, but there are many more including industry specific health and safety training that you could benefit from.

Reward your Staff

Health and Safety isn’t just the sole responsibility of one person. You can have all the documentation in place, done your risk assessments, and applied training; but what does that matter if your employees don’t apply what they know and adhere to health and safety rules.

To encourage good practice implement a reward system for those on your team that make the effort to promote good health and safety within your company or a team. Plus everyone really appreciates a little gift every once in a while (If you are one of those employees don’t forget to show this to your boss).

Ask for support

It is important to remember that you are not alone when it comes to your health and safety. Understanding what you have to do and making sure it is all implemented correctly can be a daunting task. So most importantly don’t let it get on top of you and cause stress, if you need help with your health and safety get in touch with someone who can give you advice or sort things out for you.

If you need help with your health and safety in the New Year, give our team a call on 01666 503686 or alternatively fill out our contact form.