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New Chairman Of HSE Appointed

New Chairman Of HSE Appointed

Martin Temple has been appointed the new chair of the Health and Safety executive (HSE)

But what is the HSE?

New Chairman of HSE

The HSE or health and safety executive is an independent watchdog that operates in the public’s interest to keep work related injuries and deaths from happening, it is sponsored by the department for work and pensions. It was notably formed on the 1st January 1975 however had influence way back in 1833 ensuring children didn’t get injured working in factories – around the time this was commonplace.

Who is Martin Temple?

With 30 years of experience in the public and private sector Martin is an experienced director and serves a handful of boards in the public and charity sectors including work previously with the HSE. After being chair of the EEF (the manufacturer’s organisation) for 17 years he is stepping down to and taking on the role as chair of the HSE, the previous chair of the HSE Judith Hackitt took on his role as chairman and has recently stepped down as chair of the health and safety executive.

Does this affect me?

It’s unlikely there will be much change in the way the HSE delivers it’s expertise however Martin has previously criticized the HSE, suggesting it take a more commercial path – some experts are speculating that under his command the HSE could turn into a more privatised movement. But despite very different ideas from both leaders the HSE will continue to keep people at work safe from injury.