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Corbyn to speak at Glastonbury Festival 2016

Glastonbury Festival 2016 – Corbyn has accepted Billy Bragg’s offer to speak on ‘Left Field Stage’

Billy Bragg is a left wing activist who’s music blends elements of folk music, punk rock and protest songs, has invited Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to speak on stage at Glastonbury 2016 with a group of like-minded left wing speakers. Billy Bragg is a Glastonbury long stay and his music is heavily centred on bringing about change and getting the younger generation involved in activist causes.

Corbyn, who was elected leader of the Labour Party last September following a surprise nomination, will speak at the Left Field stage on behalf of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Announcing the news via the Glastonbury website, Bragg wrote: “The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has galvanised a new generation of activists and this year at Left Field and we aim to give them a platform to discuss issues around social justice, the economy, gender and the possibilities for genuine change under a Corbyn government.”


A spokesman for Mr Corbyn told The Mirror: “Jeremy has long been a fan of Glastonbury, and is looking forward to attending as a guest of the CND and the festival organisers.”