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Traditional Tequila Shots Not Banned

Traditional Tequila Shots Not Banned

Tequilla V2Friday night gone midnight is usually the time where you are faced with the classic Mexican spirit, most bars on request will serve the shot with a slice of lemon or lime and a small bit of salt. Lick the salt, down the shot then bite into the lemon – the reason they are served like this is to disguise the raw taste of Tequila, the salt makes you salivate and the lemon takes the taste away.

However, across the UK many people have reported that they have been refused the accompaniments to this drink, with bar staff and managers saying Health and safety reasons don’t allow it. The myth busters panel at the HSE have shed light of this situation

According to the Health and Safety Executive, companies and business owners commonly and incorrectly cite health and safety as a ‘convenient excuse to stop what are essentially sensible activities’ from going ahead; although It is unlikely that many people would consider this description to apply to the activity of downing tequila.

However, licensees have been warned that they are misusing the current health and safety legislation if they refuse to serve salt and lemon alongside the traditional Mexican spirit.