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Why Become A First Aider?

Why is first aid training so important?

First aid training can have so many benefits to a workplace, for a start it’s a legal requirement for all companies to ensure their employees receive treatment if they are injured or taken unwell at work. Having first aiders at work can provide a real sense of security and peace of mind for employees and employers alike.


When staff go through first aid training, they become much more safety aware and can spot hazards and potential incidents before they occur. They’re more alert to their environment and will raise issues with you more quickly when they understand the risks and dangers. This awareness helps reduce the number of accidents that occur in the workplace through diligence and knowledge.

Techniques such as CPR are easy to learn – and can save lives when carried out properly. These skills aren’t just useful in the workplace – they can come in vital anywhere, would you know the correct procedure if you saw someone choking? Or came across somebody unconscious?


From a business perspective, when your staff get the opportunity to learn a skill together, one that will help them look after one another, it brings them closer together. Many teams have reported more awareness of their co-workers well being following first aid training.


Sureteam run a first aid course on the last Wednesday of every month – e-mail or call to book your place and learn life saving skills today.