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Hilarious Historical Advertising


Back in the day, little was known about the effects of smoking – before then many health experts of the time claimed that cigarettes were actually good for you and endorsed smoking them. It was not uncommon to see advertising endorsing smoking – from brands we still see around today, such as Pall Mall. A little different from the adverts you see nowadays, they boasted of their ‘fine tobacco filters’ that filtered the smoke on the way to your throat (great!)

Before this, back in 1885. There were some very unorthodox healthcare products on the shelves. For example.. if you had a toothache, Lloyds pharmacy had you covered.Now cocaine to cure toothache may seem crazy but it does actually work, some dentists are still known to use products with minuscule amounts of the drug in. Unfortunately, these cocaine drops are not longer around; due to more effective, and less illegal alternatives.


In an era where people are obsessed with being skinny there is an abundance of slimming products available on the shelves. However, back in the 1800’s being skinny was seen as unhealthy and unattractive, allowing products that claimed to make you fatter sneak onto the shelves.

Yup, a product specifically designed to make you fat. This practise was almost entirely eradicated by the end of WW1 in the UK.

By the late 1800’s, people were starting to suspect that smoking wasn’t all that good for them. Thankfully for the people of the USA the Minnesota pharmaceutical manufacturing company had developed a cigar which ‘didn’t damage health in any way’ this was because they were ‘pure & scientific’