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The Most Expensive City In The UK

 The Most Expensive City In The UK


The BBC recently posted an article about the most expensive city in the UK.


To many readers surprise it was not London that came out on top, but Oxford.

Oxford city council say they are facing a ‘catastrophe’ due to the fact that workers cannot afford to live there. Property prices are a staggering 16 x the average earning in the city.

To be able to secure a mortgage on a mid priced semi detached near the city centre would require an annual income of around £70,000. Hospitals and Universities are starting to have trouble recruiting & retaining staff in the area.

A sector that has been hit already is public transport, particularly bus companies, despite drivers in Oxford being paid more than in London with some companies considering the erection of staff dormitories to help house their staff.

Several developers have proposed plans to erect houses in smaller towns such as Eynsham, however these plans are rejected time & time again due to fierce opposition from locals who don’t want their ‘rural way of life’ disturbed by traffic, noise & development.

What’s your take on this?