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Ever Dodged A Train Fare? You’re Not Alone

Ever Dodged A Train Fare? You’re Not Alone


1 in 4 commuters admit to dodging fair, considering into to be a victimless crime. With 1 in 10 saying fare dodging is acceptable.




Train fare prices are always changing, based on time of travel, destination and other factors such as events. General public satisfaction with train travel companies has been low in recent years. With the most complaints spawning from the trains being too busy, punctuality of trains & increased price of train fares


The results of a survey show that only 51% of people believe train companies are doing a good job.


Some 76% of commuters argue that ticket prices are poor value for money.


Some 90% of people escape prosecution. Most are issued with penalty fares, which is a civil matter between the passenger and the train company.


Train companies argue that by dodging the fair you are not only ‘robbing’ from the company but also the public purse, as this is where a lot of the funding comes from.


What are your thoughts?