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Choosing A Good Password

Choosing A Good Password


Cybercrime is a new age problem, and never has it been so important to keep a strong password on your personal data. As hackers get more intelligent the likelihood of them stealing your password is down to you.


Studies show that men have a habit of using a short, easy to remember word as their password. Chaps, if it’s easy for you to rememberer how hard is it going to be for someone else to guess it? One of the most common forms of password stealing comes from looking over the shoulder of the victim as they type their password in.



Women on the other hand, tend to go for pets, hubbies or children’s names. Although this may seem more secure, information like that is not hard to get hold of, especially if you are on Social media.


Enough with the ‘Don’ts’ lets have some ‘Do’s’:

  • Ensure you have a different password for every site.


  • Write you password down, in a locked draw at your desk at work, somewhere discreet at home.


  • Use letters, numbers & symbols in your password.


The two most common types of password attacks are…


Security Questions – Generally, if someone can find out your mother’s maiden name or the name of your first pet, they have a good chance at getting into your account. Make sure you set security questions that cannot be answered without your help.


Dictionary attacks – The hacker will run a script that will iterate through every word in a specific dictionary. He starts with commonly-found passwords then goes on to less likely choices. To make this job difficult or impossible, choose a password with at least one capital letter in the middle of the phrase, one space, one number, and one symbol.


A great bit of software to choose a strong password –]


Enjoy, and stay safe online 🙂