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Migrants Storm Budapest Train Station

Migrants trying to get to northern Europe have stormed a train at Budapest’s main railway station, according to an eyewitness.

A Reuters photographer said they saw people trying to push themselves and their children into the carriages through doors and windows at Keleti station in the country’s capital.

It came after police withdrew from the gates of the station, a day after they said they intended to reinforce their positions as the volume of migrants arriving from Serbia continued to grow.

More than 150,000 migrants have travelled this year to the country – the gateway to the EU for those crossing by land from nations including Syria and Afghanistan, across Macedonia and Serbia.

But despite the doors to the station opening, Hungary’s railway operator has said no direct trains will be travelling to western Europe due to “railway transport” security reasons.


On Wednesday, migrants had threatened to walk the 105 miles (170km) to the border with Austria if police would not allow them to get onto trains.

The terminal was closed on Tuesday by the Hungarian authorities to prevent people from boarding trains to nations like Germany and Austria.

Police forced hundreds of migrants outside the terminal as the government suspended all rail traffic.