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Mystery Bites

Mystery Bites


Have you or any of your work colleagues been experiencing ‘bites’ in the office recently?

After bumping into a pest control specialist at a business fair he spoke of the increase in the amount of calls he receives from offices reporting ‘mystery bug bites’. Now sometimes this can be a genuine problem, pests such as flying ants or lice that are invisible to the human eye, but fortunately, that’s not the subject of today’s blog.

A number of environmental factors can result in a ‘biting sensation’ or feeling or irritation; increasingly so with the weather being warm.

So.. What causes this unpleasant sensation?.


  • Fibres from carpets – Particularly nylon based ones. These fibres can puncture the skin


  • Low humidity increases static electricity and the movement and effect of paper splinters, carpet fibers, and other particles


  • Paper splinters and particles


  • Weekend bites, spent all weekend outside? Some bites wont start to annoy you for hours


  • And finally,Bell’s Syndrome: This syndrome demonstrates the “power of suggestion.” When one person in a group feels an itch or biting sensation or irritation, and begins to talk about it or to scratch, others in the group soon follow suit. It is a very powerful suggestion, difficult to ignore. When one person in an office talks about “bites,” it will likely influence others.