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Healthy Beer

Healthy Beer


For years we have tried to make our alcoholic drinks a guilt free pleasure, however there is no hiding the fact that for a beverage, beer is just an empty bottle of calories. Doombar, one of the UK’s most popular cask ales contains over 200 calories per pint however some beers can weigh upwards of 330 calories!

If your not a beer drinker, lagers have a similar amount calories Calsberg at 182 per pint and Stella at 256. Wine will cost you slightly less, ranging from 75-110 claories throughout most whites, roses and reds for a small glass.


the time has come for a healthy beer, and an american company under the name of Honeymoon Brewing think they are close to finding one.


HoneyMoon is working on perfecting a beer made from kombucha, which is a fermented tea thought by some to have health benefits. The beer will be a low-sugar and gluten-free option with an alcohol content of 5 to 6 percent. It is designed to be an innovative alcoholic beverage that will cater to the palates of both craft-beer drinkers and health-conscious consumers. This puts us one step closer to the fabled healthy beer.



Bystrom-Williams promises a finished product made with fresh ingredients that is low in sugar content, gluten free, and a natural detoxicant. The brewery is planning the first release of the Kombucha beer for late 2015. Yes, please!