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Glastonbury By Numbers

Glastonbury By Numbers

Glastonbury’s reputation as one of the best festival in the world is seemingly unrivalled, with tickets selling out in just 25 minutes this year!


Here are some shocking statistics about the beloved event;

The first ever Glastonbury festival was held on the 19th September, 1970. The attendance was 1,500 and tickets cost a mere £1 plus free milk from the farm! To put that into perspective, 2015 saw approximately 150,000+ attending, with tickets costing £225.



Reading festival is another gem the UK is blessed with, the worlds oldest music festival still in existence. However attendance only hits 90,000 when the venue is sold out, just over half of the attendance at Glastonbury 2015.



all the tickets for this year’s festival sold out in 25 minutes. This compares with one hour 27 minutes for the 2014 festival, and one hour 40 minutes for the 2013 festival.


A total of 87 different acts have headlined the festival. Four acts – Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, The Cure and Coldplay – hold the joint record for the number of headline appearances, with three each.


The site has grown in size to 900 acres, or around 1.4 square miles. The perimeter now runs a distance of 8.5 miles – around a third of the distance from Dover to Calais.

Glastonbury scooped the Best Festival gong at the NME Awards in London in February in 2014