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Health Law In Wales Bans E-cigarettes Indoors

New Public Health Law In Wales Bans E-cigs Indoors Could Come Into Force By 2017


E-cigerette ban in WalesIt is not an uncommon site to see e-cigarettes being used in public places, 2.6 million adults current use e-cigarettes – a figure up from 700,000 in 2010. E-cigarettes in the UK are allowed to be smoked in most public places, including indoors.

This is something that a new public health law in Wales is putting an end to. Health officials believe that if children see adults using e-cigarettes in public places they are more likely to start using these products, other groups have opposed this idea saying more evidence needs to be give. And the argument stands that if adults can’t use e-cigarettes inside then they will start smoking tobacco again.


The stats above outline that e-cigarette use in Britain is up, taking into consideration that tobacco smoking in Britain is down could imply that e-cigarettes are the cause of this. However there are many more factors to consider here 


Officials acknowledge there is divided opinion but believe the evidence is now growing to support a ban. Although the numbers of children using e-cigarettes are low, ministers do not want to take the risk of children seeing smoking “normalised” again after the success in banning smoking.

There are similar e-cigarette restrictions in countries like Belgium, Spain and Malta, with proposals in France and Ireland. But this would be a first for the UK.


What are your thoughts on this ban?


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