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Driving Licence Changes

What do these changes mean?


Abolition of the paper counterpart driving license will come into action as of the 8th of June 2015 from that date, all data will be stored online, because of this the DVLA recommends drivers destroy the paper counterpart of your licence unless it is a full paper license received before 1998.


The paper part of your driving licence will not be valid, it will also not be issued to new drivers by the DVLA.


The counterpart was originally introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard, such as any points you may have – these will be transferred onto a computer the DVLA have included an option which allows drivers to view their points and other information online, you can also request your information by phone or post.


If you still have a full paper licence from  before the photocard was introduced in 1998, keep it – as it will remain valid


This change will allow drivers to share their license details with their employers or you can call the DVLA and leave permission for your potential employer to access your driving licence details.

The courts are unable to respond to queries about the destruction of your paper counterpart. Any concerns about this process should be directed to DVLA.