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Most Dangerous Jobs The UK’s Top 5

5 Of The UK’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Most Dangerous JobsWhen thinking of dangerous jobs, what comes to mind? Before doing some research my list would’ve contained jobs like Astronauts, Bomb disposal teams perhaps Police officers. However the actual results are a lot closer to home.


  • 5. Manufacturing Workers

The real threat in these kinds of workplaces come from operating machinery, many accidents come from workers being tired or stressed whilst working. But of course freak accidents can also result in injury.

A range of different industries make up the manufacturing sector, which employs an estimated 2.5m workers. There were 14 fatalaties in 2013/14

As the HSE figures show, fatal injuries at work are not common events. However, while fatalities still occur, the importance of vigilance at all times is paramount to protect employees.


  • 4. Garage Workers

According to the HSE, there were five deaths in the sale and repair of motor vehicles/motorcycles sector in 2012-13. In addition to these fatalities, there were 277 major injuries, marking it another dangerous area in which to work. Again most of these incidents arose from operating machinery & fixing motors from underneath.



  • 3. Waste And Recycling Workers

The waste and recycling industry is high-risk. Accounting for only about 0.5% of the employees in Britain, but 2.6% of reported injuries to employees, one of our long term clients is a waste disposal site based in Melksham. And after visiting the site I could see where the opportunities for injury led, large, loud machinery operating round the clock, vehicles on the move in and out of the site all day. Many rules were set in place to protect workers, for example wearing hard hats whenever outside.

Sadly, there were four fatal injuries to workers in 2013-14.



  • 2. Farmers

Farmers? Surprisingly, despite many of us imagining the life of a farmer to be a peaceful, rural existence, the reality is that modern farming can be a dangerous job. The introduction of new heavy operating machinery and chemicals have resulted in farming accounting for 1 in every 5 on the job fatalities.




  • 1.  Construction Workers

This may not come as a surprise to everyone, the risks on construction sites can be very high.Usually working outside in every weather condition, operating tools, working at height and working around the constant hazards a building site can throw up.

1 in 3 of all fatal trips and falls comes from the construction industry. Although Health and Safety regulations have come along way in recent years for these workers, perhaps this raises the question that more can be done to prevent this figure from staying at so high.




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