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Drones To Save Lives

Drones to save lives


Another fascinating story about drones I came across whilst surfing the web at the weekend. Again this another scenario where drones are being put to use to save lives, and this time in a war zone… not to spy, destruct or any other reason they are usually used.


Syria has been a war-zone frequently in the news over the past year, the war stricken country has been subject to horrific human loss due to war over the past few years.  Many of the country’s innocent population has been cut off from vital supplies, water, food and medication. Due to a war being fought around them.


A team of volunteers in America have set to work developing a drone that could change all of this, a drone that could be remote controlled to fly through the war-zone, and drop off much needed supplies to those caught up in the chaos. This brilliant idea would eliminate the threat of any human loss whilst delivering the supplies. And could also save 100’s of lives on the other end of the deliveries.


The drones are currently in the development stage, they will be fitted with GPS trackers, although there carrying capacity is not tremendous, it is still enough to carry reasonably large supplies of medicine.


Full video here:


Once again, another way a stereotypical war machine is put to use to save lives!