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Cleaning The Kuznetsov – Russian Style.

Cleaning The Kuznetsov


We all know the hassle of hoovering the house, a seemingly endless job which only results in the same having to be done the next day. Now take your mind away from your living room, and onto Russia’s largest aircraft carrier – The Kuznetsov. The deck of this ship spans over 1000ft and is the jewel in Putin’s military force.



The reason it must be cleaned is that debris on the deck can be sucked into fighter jets as they are taking off, which in worst case scenarios causes the engine to explode.

Even a single stray nut or bolt, if sucked into one of the fighter plane’s engines, could spell disaster for the pilot, and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. Usually crew members are forced to go around manually checking for stray objects, using sweeper vehicles to help tidy them up. However, getting sick of repeating this strenuous task daily, the captain and crew came up with an ingenious method of cleaning the deck.

Attaching the engine of a decommissioned fighter jet to the front of a tractor may not seem the best idea, but behold. The world’s most powerful leaf blower…

10/10 for creativity – 1/10 for safety awareness. Only in Russia.