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Chemical Fire In Manchester

Chemical Fire 1 Mile From Etihad

A chemical fire at a large pharmaceutical company in Manchester has resulted in a giant wall of foam heading down the canal. The foam wall spans 98ft, a spokesman for the business claims the chemical fire was started by ‘unspecified chemicals’. The fire was believed to have started at around 4.15pm on the 5th April.


The factory resides just 1mile away from Manchester City’s stadium – the Etihad.

Chemical fires can be very dangerous due to the fatal gases they can give off, and how hard they can be to extinguish. It took 50 fire-fighters to eventually subdue the blaze, Greater Manchester fire and rescue service also advised local residents to stay inside with their windows and doors shut, as a precaution.

Despite original concerns surrounding the chemical fire, the environmental agency have assured that the blaze had caused ‘minimal impact’ on the surrounding environment and wildlife.

In the past many companies have been fined for health and safety negligence resulting in a chemical fire erupting.