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The Worst Health and Safety Myths… Busted

Health and Safety Myths Busted


Over the years, a number of stories have erupted online surrounding over zealous rules made by employers or business owners, all in the name of Health and Safety. Using health and safety as an excuse to enforce a rule is a lazy smokescreen tactic and it has dampened the industries reputation for many years. Veering people away from the actual purpose of the industry, to prevent injury, illness and save lives in the workplace.


A government myth-busting initiative to uncover the over-zealous application of health and safety rules has discovered a spate of ‘jobsworthy’ behaviour.


Amongst them were decisions made by councils, insurance companies and a variety of employers..


– A boot supplier claimed that it was banned from accepting dirty boots for return.

– Cafes and restaurants refusing to heat up baby food. Although with previous experience in the Hotel industry I know there is always the issue that if the parent burns themselves checking the temperature of the milk it can give them the opportunity to sue the establishment.

– A golf club told players that golf buggies were not health and safety authorised.

– A hospital refused the use of a microwave on a ward.

– A woman was banned by her boss from wearing sandals in the office in summer. –  If she can pull off sandals in the office then who are you to stop her!!

– A passenger was refused a blanket on a flight but told she could buy one.  –  This is ludicrous.

– A campsite banned sleeping in a camper van. – ????

– A primary school’s treehouse had to be located away from the premises because of a risk to children.

– A council banned a nursery teacher from taking children to an allotment.

These are only a few of the ridiculous rules enforced in the name of ‘health and safety’ the HSE unveiled many more.

If you’ve had an experience that you thought was unjust, please email –

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