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What You Didn’t Know About The Apple Watch

Could it be a safety hazard?

The general buzz around Apple’s new products is in the air, this time with their Apple Watch. This watch works as a precise timepiece and fitness device, however on top of this it can pick up texts, alerts, take calls and keep track of your meetings. It’s release date in the USA is 24.04.15.


Prices start at £299 however the watch on the right of the picture above features a 9 carat gold edging and prices start at a staggering £8,000.


Another bit of staggering info for you, smartphones were a contributory factor in 1,960 road accidents between 2009-2013; 110 of them being fatalities. 


People are often distracted by an incoming text or call, slowing reaction times or making them completely unaware of the hazards that lie ahead. The road safety charity – institute of advanced motorist, warned that this new product could be just as distracting as a smartphone, due to the watches ability to check texts and make calls.


I believe that the apple watch could be even more distracting than a smartphone, due to the fact that you have to take your hand off the wheel to check it; leaving your control over the car impaired.


The department for transport has confirmed that use of the apple watch whilst driving will carry the same penalty as the use of a mobile phone, £100 and 3 points. 



“Enforcement will be difficult for the police, but powers exist to seize and interrogate devices in the event of a serious crash. The very device that distracted you also has the power to convict you.”


Do you think these punishments are fair? And could this watch really be more of a hazard than a mobile phone? Let us know your thoughts