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Selfie Sticks Can Now Get You Thrown Out Of Clubs

Nightclub becomes first in the UK to implement a ‘selfie stick ban’


The latest ‘must have’ accessory for people of all ages comes in the form of the ‘selfie stick’ this device allows you to take a picture of yourself a group from a distance & has proved popular with families, tourists and younger people.

Unfortunately for selfie stick users, some venues are taking actions against these devices, implementing a selfie stick ban; with some deeming them a ‘health and safety hazard’ and others simply stating they are a nuisance for other party-goers; Despite these claims there is no health and safety law against selfie sticks.



We just want to let people know that selfie sticks will be confiscated at the door from now on.”

This is a quote from the chief promoter at the club in Stoke-On-Trent who were the first to ban selfie sticks, he calls the tradition a bit ridiculous going on to say

“I don’t really understand the whole culture of people who take photographs and videos when they’re with their friends”.

Premier League football grounds such as the Etihad, White Hart Lane, The Emirates & Old Traffod. Plus leading concert venues like Wembley Arena, Brixton Academy and the O2 Arena have already implemented a selfie stick ban, with more venues are expected to follow



What are your thoughts on this ban, justifiable or taking it a step too far?

81% of newspaper metro’s readers voted in favour of the clubs ban, why do you think this number was so high?


South Korea have gone a step further, issuing a £17,000 fine to anybody caught using a Bluetooth selfie stick, the government considers them a ‘telecoms device’ and so needs to be passed through government checks before they can consider dropping the fine.


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