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Working At Height With Sureteam

Working At Height – The Sky’s The Limit

Sureteam’s Eye In The Chippenham Sky

Following the success of my defibrillator drone article, which you can read here if you missed;

I was inspired to try and find more commercial uses for drones, especially in the workplace when I discovered that Sureteam had recently hired out a drone to survey a client’s building for Asbestos, an extreme example of working at height for sure, read the full story here…


Personal use of drones in the UK has been on the rise in recent years, although there are still very tight laws around them due to safety fears & a few isolated cases of reckless use. Drones have a huge potential in helping within the workplace, as Sureteam displayed in Chippenham whilst checking a client’s building for Asbestos.


The use of a drone in this situation prevented the use of scaffolding or ropes which can disrupt the staff in the workplace and is more expensive than the drone which was rented out from video production company Bexmedia. Bexmedia generally focus on corporate promotional videos, and this was their first site inspection job. The drone flew to the top of the building and the video camera which was mounted on it then live streamed images to Sureteam’s staff on the ground.


As it happens there were no problems with the integrity of the panels on the roof however the site manager happened to notice some problems with their guttering whilst the drone was up there.



“More restrictions would curb the huge potential drones have for good cutting down work at height, or radically improving search and rescue team effectiveness”


Many business owners hope to see the use of drones in situations like this increase in the coming years, as it can save money and time. Although to really make it worthwhile laws on drones may have to be relaxed as they are currently very strict, for example an observation like this could not be carried out in a city, due to the large amount of people and because it is classified as restricted airspace.


What are your thoughts?