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The ‘revolutionary’ new way to tackle fires

Fire Ball, the ‘revolutionary’ new way of tackling blazes.


I am always on the lookout for new advancements in Health and Safety related technology, and I was not disappointed when I stumbled upon the ‘Fire ball’.


This self-activating fire extinguisher weighs a mere 1.3kg for easy pick up, when a fire is spotted the ball can be rolled or thrown into it, after 3-10 seconds of contact with the fire the ball will release non-toxic chemicals to disperse any kind of fire, also emitting a high pitched signal to alert others.


The beauty of this product is that it can be thrown easily into the blaze or simply be placed in an area that’s fire prone for example the kitchen of a restaurant, electrical circuit board or computer – this is made easy by the stand that comes with it.


Against conventional fire equipment the Fire ball prevails on mobility, ease of use & the fact that is does not have to be manned to extinguish fires. However perhaps more suited for industrial or office use, I think the conventional alternatives are better for home use, for example if you have a small fire on your hob at home, a fire blanket can suffocate the blaze easily, whereas the ball emitting causes a huge unnecessary mess.


If anyone has any thoughts on the fireball please let me know


The product is currently taking off in Thailand, Turkey, Australia & New Zealand and the creators hope to see the product in use worldwide soon.


This patented piece of kit only needs servicing once every 5 years.

You can see the fireball in action in this video, it contains some good information to but you can first really see the ball in action at 2:30 if your in a rush