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Gym Safety Tips

Here’s a few pointers for staying safe at the gym

January is the most common month for people to join the gym, generally because of a New Year’s resolution they made to themselves, or just wanting to get fit for the New Year. With 2015 now well underway; here’s my tips for avoiding injury at the gym…


Warm up before you exercise

Warming up your body before exercise makes your muscles less likely to overstretch and cause injury, it also increases blood flow to the muscles your likely to use preparing them for the workout to come. One of the most important reasons to warm up is to prepare your heart gradually for an increase in activity, helping you avoid a rapid increase in blood pressure.


There are plenty of warm up tips available online, don’t forget to warm down after exercise too.


Don’t overestimate yourself

Especially when it comes to weights, you’re not as strong as you think and you don’t need to impress anyone. If you’re using weights that are too heavy for you are simply going to injure yourself, speak to a member of gym staff about what weights you should be aiming for.



Know how to use the equipment

One of the most common causes of injury in the gym is using the equipment wrong, most gyms have an induction which should run you through how to use each bit of kit. If you find yourself unaware of how the machine works, simply ask a member of staff, save yourself from injury, looking like a fool and ending up on my blog.



Re-rack your weights

Finished with the free weights? Put them away!

This is a common annoyance for most gym goers, great you can lift the heaviest weights, but now you’ve left them on the floor and someone else who may struggle lifting them has to pick them back up. Not only annoying but dangerous to, if someone trips over a rogue weight and lands on them it’s not going to be pretty.



Above all, consider your own safety as well as other peoples before you do anything in the gym