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My top 5 #safetyfails

My top 5 health and safety fails;


Last week I set up a competition for our Facebook fans; to send in their favourite examples of terrible Health and Safety practise – I’ve composed a list of my favourites mixed in with a few I chose.

  • 5. A builder smoking next to a ‘flammable gas’ sign. The thing that shocks me the most about this picture is that his co-worker working no less than 2ft away from him hasn’t said anything.
  • 4. The dodgy tan lines aren’t the only thing wrong with this photo. Yeah you’ve seen that right, these clever cookies have an extension cable in the middle of their paddling pool floating on a pair of sandals… My health and safety OCD is about to explode.


  • 3. So this mechanic has no car jack, but not to worry! The two sticks he found on the side of the road seem to be enough to hold up this 2 tonne truck!


  • 2. My favourite safety sign ever, in this day and age people can’t eat a meal without taking 59 photos of it in 3 different filters from 8 different angles and then posting it to their loyal following. It’s nice to see this sign is looking out for the kids of today.
  •  1.It’s the irony of this photo that puts it at number 1, no comment necessary.

If you have an addition to this wonderful list, the competition is still open! Head over to and submit your pictures, the winner will receive a free e-learning course.