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Top Tips On Dealing With Icy Roads

With snow forecast here are a few tips to avoid having any accidents on the road;


  • Allow the vehicle in front more room, stopping distances can be 10x more when the roads are icy; ensuring you leave extra room from the vehicle in front means if they slow or stop unexpectedly you will be ready.

  •  If you do start to lose control of the vehicle or start sliding, don’t slam on the brakes, doing this will almost certainly mean you lose complete control. Take your foot off the accelerator, keep the wheels straight and wait for the vehicles momentum to halt.
  • Stick to the main roads! The main roads are where the largest concentration of traffic flows through, for this reason the roads are much more likely to be gritted than a quiet country road. Main roads often have higher speed limits, it’s advised to stay in higher gears when driving in icy conditions – to avoid wheel spin.
  • Allow extra time for journeys, this time gives you chance to properly de-ice your car before setting off – if you are in a rush you are more likely to make mistakes whilst driving.

Finally, be more aware. it’s about being switched on to the conditions around you, be ready for anything to happen and keep yourself safe.



Above all, be grateful we don’t have to deal with snow quite as extreme as this