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‘Importance of Sleep to Wellbeing’ Online Session

‘Importance of Sleep to Wellbeing’ Online Session 

Sleep plays a massive role in our general mental health and wellbeing. This short course can help you and your team learn about the importance of sleep and how it can be improved. The online session is suitable for everyone in the workplace and will only take an hour out of your day.

Course Delivery

A trainer-led course which is carried out via video call.

Suitable Attendees

This course is suitable for everyone.

Course Duration

This course lasts 40 - 60 minutes

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Learning outcomes:

Understand why sleep might be impacted post pandemic and how to avoid longer term problems

Understand how sleep is a key foundation to health and productivity as well as resilience and immunity

Have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about how lifestyle choices affect sleep

Understand beter diagnosis and treatment pathways and what your organisation can offer for more serious sleeping problems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Whether you just need 1 course for a specific employee or want to send employees on multiple courses, we can work with you to create a health and safety training program for your entire organisation.

Have a chat with our team on 01666 503 686 and we can create the right training program for your team.

This course is trainer-led, but can be carried out over a video call or in person either on site or at a venue.

You can locate the full range of our available training here or call our team on 01666 503686 to speak to one of our team in person.

Yes, we have many training courses covering a whole range of health and safety topics. Some of these are trainer-led and others are through our Healthy Working E-learning Suite.

Feel free to give our team a call for more information on 01666 503686.

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