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COVID-19 Resources and Guidance

Health and Safety during COVID-19

With new guidance and advice coming from the Government, WHO and HSE on a regular basis and lots of fake and incorrect new stories available online; we wanted to be a resource for our clients and other businesses to access useful and factual advice, guides and resources.

We have compiled a suite of Health and Safety resources that will be useful for businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a combination of advice from our team and resources from other reliable sources.

To begin with, this is the main HSE page with latest information and advice regarding coronavirus. The page is being updated regularly so keep an eye on it for the most up to date guidance from the HSE. And this is the official Government coronavirus page which features public guidance and support. This is updated regularly with important announcements.

The above sites are full of practical, useful and factual advice, but we have also pulled together some specific useful articles and other resources for you below.

Top Things to Consider When Returning to the Workplace Whilst COVID-19 is Still a Threat

BASDA (a leading trade body for business software companies) have produced this guide to help all businesses anticipate and prepare how they safely manage 'return to work' scenarios.

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Tips for Employee Safety During COVID-19

Your contingency plans are implemented! Our blog explains some of the next steps to ensure the safety of your staff during coronavirus.

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Risks of Legionella

Our blog explains the risks associated with Legionella and what businesses can do in prep for re-opening.

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Why is Face Fit Testing important

Find out why Face Fit Testing is more important than ever when it comes to using RPE.

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Work Related Stress Talking Toolkit

Stress is a constant factor whether working on the front-line or from home. The HSE have released their Talking Toolkit to help deal with stress in the workplace.

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HSE - Protecting Homeworkers

The HSE has released guidance on how employers can protect homeworkers during the COVID-19 outbreak including lone working and DSE.

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RIDDOR reporting during COVID-19

The HSE explain what and how to report under RIDDOR (The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) during the coronavirus outbreak.

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HSE Skin care Poster

The HSE have produced their own poster demonstrating the best way to wash your hands and apply lotion.

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WHO - Coping with Stress

The WHO have lots of useful public resources including this poster on coping with stress during the outbreak.

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WHO - Helping Children cope with Stress

Similarly to the other poster the WHO have produced this useful printout on how to help children cope with stress during the outbreak.

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Resuscitation Council UK Statement on COVID-19

This article and accompanying educational video details the safest way to give CPR during the current pandemic.

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Q&A from HSE on Working During the Outbreak

HSE has released this 18 page PDF detailing the answers for a lots of common questions relating to going back to work including topics of PPE, home visits and social distancing.

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