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Personal Safety Awareness E-learning

Personal Safety Awareness E-learning

Personal Safety Awareness E-learning training is designed to provide information and skills to individuals on how to protect themselves and others when faced with difficult or unfamiliar situations. It can be used as a way to help ensure the safety of staff members both inside and outside the workplace whilst carrying out their day-to-day activities. The course helps them to conduct risk assessments of any given location or situation as well as be given guidance on how they can keep themselves safe.

You can expect this course to teach your employees how to adopt a systematic approach to identifying and mitigating risk. It offers advice on risk assessments, assessing people, environments and behaviour as well as how to reduce the chance of conflict in multiple environments.

E-learning courses are also available for those working alone or remotely and if you have employees that travel internationally for work and need to be aware of travel risks when working there is also a course available for them.

Who should take this course

This course is suitable for all employees

Course delivery

The E-learning course is delivered online


Approved by IIRSM

Course Duration

The length of this online course is 30 minutes

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How Will This Course Benefit Your Business?

Give employees the skills to stay safe

Easily accessible to remote and lone workers

Builds organisational resilience around safety and helps to embed a safety culture across your entire workforce

Teaches employees to reduce the chances of conflict in multiple environments

In partnership with Cardinus Risk Management

The Healthy Working Program

Our Healthy Working E-learning suite of courses enable you to tailor a cost effective program of learning for your employees on health, safety and well-being.  Within the suite we offer a range of training courses from DSE to Fire Safety and Health & Safety Induction courses all managed from a simple to use learning management system so you have complete control over the roll-out of training and full audit trail of complete learning and assessment.

✓ We’ve been providing H&S Consultancy & Training since 1999.
✓ Our qualified trainers are experienced across multiple sectors.
✓ We are proud partners of IIRSM and Highfield.
✓ Our training is tailored to your specific business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, under our Healthy Working E-learning suite you have complete flexibility over the number of online learning courses you purchase.  Whether you just need 1 course for a specific employee or want to pull together a full E-learning suite we can work with you to create a health and safety training program for your entire organisation.

In addition to our E-learning suite we have a wider range of H&S training including trainer-led sessions and can create bespoke courses.

Have a chat with our team on 01666 503 686 and we can create the right training program for your team.

We also have the healthy learning program which is an online system with multi-course functionality, so you can have access to all of your online courses in one place for your team.

Have a chat with our team on 01666 503 686 and we can recommend what’s best for you.

The Healthy Working program is a suite of E-learning courses, we do however offer Trainer-Led courses which can either be delivered in person or online by one of our qualified trainers.

You can locate the full range of our available training here or call our team on 01666 503686 to speak to one of our team in person.

Yes, we not only provide training across a wide range of areas but also offer comprehensive Health and Safety Audits and Consultancy so you can be sure that your business and people are fully covered.

Read more about H&S audits and consultancy or give us a call on 01666 503686.

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