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Wholesale and distribution centres offer a wide range of potential risks from general slips, trips and falls, to more specific areas including poor mechanical handling and electrical safety.

As the owner or manager of the facility you will be acutely aware of your duty of care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both your employees and customers, however it can often be helpful to have additional support from an external Health and Safety company, such as Sureteam.

Whether completing an audit of your current procedures, helping with the completion of Risk Assessments or simply providing training to your team, we have a range of practical solutions that can help ensure the safety at your centre. 

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Main areas for consideration include:

Ill fitting PPE

Not only do you need to be using Personal Protective Equipment, but your staff need to know how to use it correctly and how it can be adjusted to fit properly.

Hazardous chemicals

Determining how potentially dangerous substances are being used and how that risk can be minimised.

Suitable working conditions

It’s vital to ensure ventilation, lighting and cleanliness is being taken care of.

How we can help support you

Health and Safety Audit

Our experienced team of health and safety consultants can be commissioned to undertake a full audit of your health and safety systems. Following this review, we will produce a tailored, comprehensive report which details where the gaps are in your Health and Safety.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments of all activities, including those undertaken by employees, must be completed with an assessment of any activity which could affect the safety of persons using the centre. The COVID-19 outbreak also possesses a risk to leisure centres with the volume of traffic and use of equipment.


We can provide your business with ongoing consultancy to ensure you have the proactive support needed to prevent health and safety failures. We will work closely with you to generate straightforward, practical solutions to ensure you’re complying with UK health and safety legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a full suite of training courses available, the majority of which can be completed online. From First Aid, to Fire Safety, COSHH or Slips Trips and Falls as well as wider courses on general health and safety and completion of Risk Assessments.

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Risk Assessments should be continually reviewed and updated every time there is either a change in health and safety regulations or a change to your business processes and/or environment.
If it has been a while since you reviewed your policy and processes, we can provide a stand-alone health and safety audit to ensure you are up to date and fully compliant.

Yes, we are currently providing a stand-alone service at a competitive fixed price to provide assistance with COVID-19 Risk Assessments to give added piece of mind that your business is putting the correct measures in place. This is particularly important when considering the risk of Legionella as water systems are turned off during periods of lockdown.

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