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COSHH Training - both Classroom
based and Online Courses

COSHH Training Courses

Designed for those working with dangerous substances, our COSHH Training Courses cover the risks associated with dealing with these substances and how to manage them.

It is a common misconception that COSHH regulations only relate to dangerous chemicals but there are many substances that can be dangerous to your employees health if not properly managed, from fumes in a nail bar, cleaning products in an office as well as the more obvious such as those generated within laboratories or on building sites.  In fact, COSHH relates to any substance that could be corrosive, toxic, explosive, or flammable to name but a few generic traits.

Qualifications in COSHH

All the training courses below cover how to identify the risks associated with COSHH and train your employees on how to keep themselves safe from the hazardous substances as well as those around them, whether that’s colleagues or members of the public.

It will also teach them what to do in the event that they are exposed to the dangerous substances.

There are two separate options to choose from below; the course can be completed conveniently at any time or location via our online course or through a classroom-based training session run by one of our COSHH expert trainers.

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If the courses below don’t quite suit you or you would like some more information, give us a call on 01666 503686 or fill out our contact form. You can also find additional subjects as well as COSHH on our main training page.

Trainer Led Courses

Online Courses